Connected by Larry Formato - eBook

He ruled the stock market with the power of organized crime.

Connected - by Larry Formato
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An unbelievable true-life story about one man's rise from poverty to extreme wealth.

How much money do you want to make a year?
Whatever your answer is, it's not enough.
Lorenzo "Larry" Formato began this wild ride in the early 70's and stayed on top for almost two decades. Relive his life experiences through his own words as he takes you on a journey reminiscent of Godfather, Wall Street, and Boiler Room.

Now, through his own eyes, witness what really went on with the penny stock market and the power he gained from the Mafia.

Look into a world where only Formato can take you, as he talks about Frank Sinatra, Jilly Rizzo, the music industry and some of Hollywood's biggest stars, the total manipulation of the Penny Stock Market and the role the Mafia played in it.

"This book is based on my experiences and memories, along with my complete congressional testimony.
My testimony before Congress led to the Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990 and was hailed as the most important stock reform legislation passed since 1933."

Larry Formato

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